Hey! I'm Flynne, welcome to PocketMan!

I'm Law student based in Melbourne, Australia, and I'm a mighty fine sewer. 

I was walking through a fabric shop one day with my boyfriend stocking up for next year’s wardrobe. I was on a study break and desperately needed to get away from the pile of cases I was putting off reading. While I was browsing the aisles imagining dresses in my head and ignoring the nagging feeling that I really should've been back at home studying, he comes up to me with a roll of fabric and said, "do you think you could make me a pocket square out of this?'

And the idea was born!

Why should I buy your pocket squares, Flynne?

I am a Law student, so forgive me but I love a good list.

1. They're crafted in Melbourne, Australia so you're supporting local businesses and people 
2. The colours, patterns and designs look and feel amazing and are different to what you might find in the shops. They're also limited edition, so your mate isn't going to be wearing the same square.
3. They look, feel and smell (yeah I said SMELL) amazing when you get them so you'll feel like a million bucks before you even open the box
4. You want to support me on my continual quest to procrastinate my studying (less compelling but relevant)
5. You want to look and feel your best self in your suited outfit 

So what are you waiting for? Get yours today!

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