Working it but also keeping warm: accessorising for the winter

Winter has well and truly come with a blast here in Melbourne and here at PocketMan, I’m huddled around my sewing machine with a blanket and a fine glass of red wine. While the blanket and pair of woollen socks may be appealing accessories for indoors, leaving the house is necessary and one would want to look stylish.

This week, we’ve found some looks which are perfect for winter and will still make you feel like the snazziest chap in the room.

Tip 1: Turtlenecks

While not for everyone, the humble turtle neck is a great choice under a suit or sports jacket for the man who wants to look on point but also wants a warm neck. We think Monty has done a fantastic job at coordinating some wintery colours with a little pop of colour. When buying the ideal turtleneck, make sure the neck isn’t too tight or itchy otherwise you’ll be fiddling with it all day. Try and either contrast or match the tones in your pocket square to the colour scheme of your entire outfit. Like Monty’s pocket square? Our Bloody Mary is the best match!


Tip 2: statement scarves

For warmth and style, you can’t go past a good, reliable scarf, but it doesn’t have to be boring. Scarves are really effective accessories to draw attention to your outfit without being too over the top. We love the way Rehan has coordinated the colour of his sweater to the colours of the tiger in this scarf! If you’re not quite as bold as Rehan, pick a smaller pattern (such as paisley or a geometric print) in a colour which complements your jacket.


Tip 3: overcoats

The great thing about overcoats is that you can layer your clothing underneath and still feel comfortable and stylish with the coat over the top. When trying on an overcoat, make sure you’re wearing your layers that the overcoat fits over nicely otherwise you risk purchasing a coat slightly too small. What I absolutely love about Eric’s outfit is that he’s drawn on the tones in his overcoat in choosing his tie. This really ties the outfit together for a really sleek finish, and he’s not cold by any stretch!


What are your best winter fashion tips? Tag us on Instagram with #pocketmanmelb and for a feature!

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