Pocket Square Academy: How to fold a Presidential Fold

Ever wondered the best way to fold your pocket square? In this series of blogs, we'll teach you our favourite folds and how to style them. 

Today's lesson is on the Presidential Fold. The Presidential Fold is fantastic for the gentleman whose styling is understated, yet classic.

We've used our ever so dapper Old Fashioned in Red to show you the ropes!

 1. Start by turning your pocket square so the reverse side is facing upwards.
2. Fold your pocket square approximately one third (the width of your breast pocket) towards the centre.
3. Fold the other side of your square towards the centre. Then, turn your pocket square 180 degrees so it is vertical.
4. Fold approximately the bottom third of your pocket square towards the centre.
5. Fold the rest of your square towards the centre.

5. Insert into jacket pocket. Become the best dressed in the room.


There you have it, a perfect Presidential Fold! Show us your presidential folds on instagram by hashtagging #pocketmanmelb

 PocketMan out!

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