Matching his accessories to your dress

It’s almost that time of year again where weddings, university balls and the Spring Racing Carnival dominates every weekend up until Christmas. While this is a super exciting time of the year, one thing which plays on my mind is how I’m going to make sure my man and I look absolutely dazzling at everyone of these occasions. To help you out, here are some go to tips to help you coordinate some stunning couple outfits by matching accessories.

  1. Find a similar fabric

I’ve often been asked to match a pocket square exactly with the fabric of the dress. While I can see the appeal, it’s often difficult to find the exact fabric without contacting the maker of the dress and asking them where they bought their fabric. But it’s super okay not to be able to match perfectly, and I almost reckon it’s better not to exactly match as it adds a little quirk to your collective couple vibe. For example, if your dress is a shade of navy, you might try and find something which is a similar shade of red. Alternatively, if your dress is a solid colour, find a patterned pocket square which has the colour of your dress (amongst others) within it. Realistically, nobody’s going to rip out his pocket square and criticise the variation.


  1. Colour analogising

If you can’t match, analogise (and no, I don’t mean what you think I mean!). Analogous colours simply mean colours next to each other on the colour wheel. Let’s take our navy dress again. The two colours next to navy on the colour wheel are blue-green and violet (the analogous colours). Choose a pocket square and tie combo for him which brings in those blue-green and violet elements for a really coordinated match!


  1. Your jewellery

You’ve spent a super long time trying to work out which jewellery works best with your soiree, so why don’t you make it work for your man too? There’s absolutely no reason why you can’t both match each other’s accessories! If you’ve chosen a red clutch and black earrings to match your dress, a red and black tie and pocket square combination is a great way to feel like you match without the stress of finding something which goes with your dress.


  1. Patterns

If you can’t find the right colour, find the right pattern. The best example here are florals. Florals are a staple for the races and weddings, and if you’re wearing a floral dress then floral accessories are a great choice. It’s nice to try and find similar patterns (eg: if you’re wearing roses, you might try and find a pocket square with roses), but if you can’t then any florals will do. The same goes for other patters, like polka, stripes, animal print, etc. Wearing similar patterns is a subtle way you can coordinate his pocket square and tie with your dress while you still both stand out from the crowd in your own right.


As always, if you need any help at all please drop me a message! I’ll have a look at your dress and suggest some combinations which you’ll love for that upcoming event.

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