From board room to boys night: style tips for after work drinks

Your outfit looks a solid 10 when you get into work, but you’re barely pushing a 6 after being in the (poorly thermoregulated) office all day and a spectacular mishap with your banh mi at lunch. Panic strikes when you look at that barbecue sauce stain on your shirt and you remember that you’re going out for bevs with the lads tonight.

Sound familiar?

  1. Bring deodorant to work

It’s small, not a huge effort to just chuck in your bag or leave on your desk, and it makes a world of difference. Reapply just before leaving the office, and not only will your mates thank you, but you’ll feel fresh and ready for fun.


  1. Phone charger on hand

An uber home’s going to be difficult without a phone. If you don’t already have one on your desk, bring your phone charger to work for the love of god. It’s a no brainer and avoids an awkward music free ride wait for the train when you could be laughing with your uber driver while popping a mentos.


  1. Wear clothes which fit

So you can probably get away with an ill-fitting suit if you sit by yourself in a cubicle all day and don’t move. You probably can’t get away with it if you plan to go out after work. If you can’t lift your arms freely, your jacket no longer fits you and it’s time to update. If you can’t breathe properly because your pants are too tight, hit the gym or get some new pants. Because if you don’t feel comfortable in what you’re wearing, you won’t have a good time.


  1. Keep a spare shirt at work

This tip is for those of you who have a little bit of storage space somewhere in your desk set up or a locker. It’s not a terrible idea to keep a spare shirt at work in the event that you have another run in with a banh mi but have a client meeting at 3:00PM then drinks with the boys. While


  1. Bring a pocket square

I guess you knew this was coming, but one of the fantastic features of our pocket squares is they come in this awesome protective tin. Why it’s so awesome is that you can just chuck it in your bag, and it can rattle around in there all day, but when you open it up as you’re getting ready to head off for the night it’s still nice and ironed and ready to be effortlessly placed inside your pocket.  Not only do you get a lovingly crafted pocket square made out of high quality and uniquely designed fabric, but you also get the luxury of being able to jazz up your outfit without worrying about creasing or losing your square.

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